These are just a few of the words that God put on my heart for this year. As entrepreneurs, we spend a ton of time alone.  When it comes time to work your business it can feel very lonely in the midst of all the things you are already juggling.  

 Spending the past 5 years encouraging, supporting, and educating other entrepreneurs through all the ups and downs that happen in business and life I realized I haven’t only been doing this the past 5 years. I have been doing this my entire life. I love brainstorming with others. I am passionate about supporting others in their endeavors and am probably more excited for them when they succeed than when I accomplish something for myself and my business.  

I found that even though I did spend the past 5 years coaching entrepreneurs in my business, I spent my free time helping entrepreneurs with accountability, finding resources, implementing all the things they were learning from other coaches, support, and offering training and education on pretty much any topic God saw fit to equip me with the knowledge to help with. That is why I created the ARISE Community. It’s a great way to work together with other entrepreneurs and offer all of these things to more people than just one at a time.  It also offers all of you a space to call home and have a constant space that is yours no matter which coach, mentor, or consultant you are currently working with or program you are working on.  I really look forward to walking this journey with you. 

Meet Dena

So let’s get the basics out of the way 🙂 I have been married to my incredible husband for almost 20 years, we have 5 adult kids who we love, and 3 fur-babies–down from 6, I am strong in my faith in Christ, and I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. It just seems to be in my nature. I have held licenses or certifications in a few industries over the years.

I always come back to helping others do what it takes to achieve their goals. Yes, I have dreams and goals and all of that. Helping others see their value, breakthrough their stuck points, overcome the hurdles of business and life, hold hope when they have lost all hope in themselves, it just comes naturally.

I give everything all of the time. Even on my worst days, I do everything I can to give as much of myself as I can. I can only do that because I rely on God’s strength in my life and not on my own. We can do more on our own when we work together!

Walking with you,