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My name is Haley Seel and when I met Dena, I was really struggling with depression, anxiety, motivation, relationship problems, including with my husband, keeping up with my responsibilities and my one and three year olds and feeling extremely overwhelmed. I was also trying to learn more about God and what a relationship with him really look like.
Dena was so valuable to me because she truly empathized with where I was at in my life, and was the support and encouragement that I needed. She made me feel like I mattered and like I wasn’t alone in this journey. Not only that, but she gave me the information and resources that helped me get to going in the direction that I wanted to go. She also helped me map out a way to confidence and empowerment by setting reasonable goals and getting down on paper the things that I needed to do to reach my goals.
I could reach her along the way when I needed help and encouragement. And just her genuine love for helping people is priceless. She truly has a gift and her faith is inspiring. I am so glad I got the opportunity to work with Dena and my life has forever been changed because of it.t.
Hailey S.

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