ARISE and GROW Community

Where we can all come together for accountability, support, and more while we grow on this entrepreneurial journey.

Start Getting Unstuck!

  • Live Support Calls to talk through your stuck points
  • Accountability Checkins to help you stay on track
  • Productivity Tools to add to your tool box
  • Mentoring to help you with brainstorming, guidance and more
  • Live Implementation Calls to help you get s%#* done
  • Resources for your next best step
  • Guest Expert Sessions to support you as you need
  • Networking Events for Collaborations

I know you are ready to get unstuck and have intentional progressive action in your business so you can fulfill your mission and vision. Being a part of ARISE is just the place to be to support you through all the ups and downs along your journey.

You can join the ARISE and GROW Member Community on a month-to-month or year-to-year basis.

Kind words from customers

“What a passion she has for helping others. She is full of encouragement, ideas, business tips and so much more! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dena and her amazingly positive outlook.”

GG Mack

Realtor/Faith Mentor/Author

Confident that I could do it in spite of the fear of confronting editing and having everything all put together. Within Dena’s network and her business connections, I got to see what is really important to me in a way that I have NEVER had before.

And I have done personal development programs for years. Her kindness and her willingness to spend time with me one on one and her reasonable pricing allowed me to just say yes and take on the tools that she offered me.

Jen Kraakevik


Dena helped me clarify what I needed to do first and the strategy behind what that looked like. She helped me come up with a doable plan that felt right within my soul.

After working with Dena, I felt hopeful that I could do this thing called entrepreneurship. With a step-by-step approach, it felt doable and I knew she was there for me for any other questions that might come up.

Mary Tate

Health Coach

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